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February Makeup Fav

So, this month, particularly this day marks 6 weeks postpartum for me. I haven't worn makeup however I have been struggling to take care of my skin. We all know flawless makeup starts with the skin, and I'm a big advocate of taking care of your skin first. My face broke out in a rash that seems to be forming into eczema, it is extremely dry in the centre of my face and itchy. I've stopped my routine and I'm currently using The Ordinary Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil, it has been beneficial in keeping the surface of my face hydrated and non itchy.

Rosehip has many benefits for the skin. It helps reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, as well as boost collagen formation while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

I'm also helping myself internally by taking herbal supplements from Shop Earth Green's. I'm taking Irish Sea Moss and Detoxify Me, the Irish Sea Moss acts as a multivitamin and Detoxify Me cleans out my bloodstream for any impurities that could cause the rash.

The Rose hip oil can be purchased on

The herbal supplements can be purchased


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